Eyelash Extension Mister

Eyelash Extension Mister

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iLash Mister will "cure" your lash adhesives in 30 seconds!!! No longer will you have to have your clients to wait 24-48hrs to get their lashes wet!!! This special mister, produces nano-sized particles which "dries" your favorite LUXGlamCo Adhesive almost instantly. After completing the application, hold the device 8-12 inches away from the lashes for up 30 seconds total and the lash set is complete!

The iLash Mister produces an ultra fine mist that aids in curing adhesives, reducing or preventing many common eye sensitivities. This will reduce reactions, calm the eyes, refresh the skin below the lash line, and help in transporting hydrogen so the adhesive can cure quickly. Your clients will love how calming & soothing it feels and it will greatly minimize eye redness and irritation.

Color: Silver

How It Works:

All Eyelash extension adhesives cure (dry) in the presence of hydrogen. This hydrogen can be collected by distilled water. Introducing a small amount of hydrogen by way of a micro-mist does the trick quickly and effectively.
Apply the mister 8-12 inches from the lashes, sweeping from eye to eye, misting the lashes from all angles for 20-30 seconds. The ultra fine mist soothes as it accelerates curing time. Client may lay down, or sit up, eyes can be open or closed.
Curing the adhesive provides the transition from a liquid to a solid. When the eyelash extension adhesive is properly cured, there is no need to tell your client to wait 24 hours before wetting their lashes.